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LoogleBiz Business Directory is a local business network that provides a simple interface to get local customers the information they want.
Using data submitted by local businesses since 2012, customers can access coupons, deals, images, documents and other important information about local businesses.
LoogleBiz is indexed in major search engines and provides online advertising to increase profits. LoogleBiz helped me find customers that I never knew I could reach. It’s a simple way to expand to search engines and the Internet generally.
For local businesses, LoogleBiz provides both paid and free local advertising opportunities to submit information about your business. Today, advertising is an important component in overall marketing strategy. In fact, data shows that internet marketing is more important than ever.
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    It's free to be on LoogleBiz. Sign up & Update your business information, and Enjoy benefits.

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    Promote your Listing

    Reach more potential customers with LoogleBiz Ads. Reach 3x more potential customers, Create and run your ad in minutes, and Only pay when interested people click on your ads.

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    Great Sales Benefits

    Connect lets you post regular updates so you can help potential customers learn more about your business. Creating a post is fast and easy, Your posts are promoted in emails to Yelp users every week, and Post about what’s new, what’s hot and what’s unique about your business.

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